Upcoming Events

Knife Skills Class

Kitchen Outfitters, Acton, MA
  • Monday, Sept 25

Knowing how to use a good, sharp chef’s knife is one of the most important and useful skills you can have.  This is a hands-on class in the classroom at Kitchen Outfitters designed to improve everyday knife skills. Become faster and more efficient in the kitchen, and enjoy the cooking process even more. Learn various techniques and vegetable cuts such as the julienne, roll cut, chiffonade and more. We’ll also learn about a variety of blade shapes, practice honing and gain an introduction to sharpening. Register at above link.


How to Make Great Soups

Kitchen Outfitters, Acton, MA
  • Monday, Oct 2
    Call 978-263-1955 to pre-register

Stock up on your soup selections for winter, and learn insider’s tips for improving your soupmaking techniques at home.  Instructor Catherine Walthers wrote a book on the subject, spending more than a year collecting and testing a wide variety and types of soups. At Kitchen Outfitters, she will share information about flavor boosters such as parmesan rinds, leeks and dried mushrooms; how and when to use herbs dried and fresh, ethnic specialties, and the basics of making chicken stock, so you always have some on hand.