Greens Glorious Greens!: More than 140 Ways to Prepare All Those Great-Tasting, Super-Healthy, Beautiful Leafy Greens

By Catherine Walthers With Co-author Johnna Albi

Illustrations by Paul Hoffman
St. Martin's Griffin; 1 edition (March 15, 1996)
Paperback, 288 pages
  • 22.99, Personalized by Author
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The latest word from the nutrition front is that green leafy vegetables may be our most powerful weapon against cancer and other diseases of aging. Plus, most dark leaft greens are high in nutrients such as beta-carotene, anti-oxidants, folic acid, and fiber.
In Greens Glorious Greens! Johnna lbi and Catherine Walthers, both gourmet natural foods chefs, unlock the mysteries of buying and preparing these delicious vegetables. IN an easy-to-use A-to-Z format, they cover thirty-five different greens, providing nutritional information and a brief historical profile for each, plus tips on how to shop for freshness, and how to store, wash, and cut the greens for maximum flavor. Albi and Walthers offer more than 140 healthy ways to turn these nutritional superstars into delicious salads, soups, stews, entrees, and sautees. Most dishes are quick and easy, low in fat, and of the scale in terms of nutrients and taste. Many of vegetarian and therefore cholesterol free, some contain chicken, beef or fish. Any home cook will delight in this clear and engaging guide to preparing and cooking all the vegetables that are not only good for you, but just plain good.

Recipes include:
Grilled Polenta with Dandelion Greens, Southern Style Black-Eyed Peas and Collard Greens, Cajun Kale Salad, Broccoli Rabe with Toasted Pecans and Currants, Skewered Chicken Teriyaki over Frisee and Arugula

Published Reviews

We know that there is life beyond broccoli and iceberg lettuce, but what is one to do with the odd-looking green things with exotic names that increasingly line the produce shelves? Albi and Walthers take a careful look at greens from arugula and dandelion to kale and mesclun and other salad greens. The authors explain their subjects’ virtues and shortcomings (steamed broccoli rabe served solo can be unpleasant); how to choose them; how and how long to keep them; how to clean them; and, in more than 140 recipes, how to cook them. Greens need a little help, they say, and many of the recipes lean on a smattering of olive oil, garlic or raisins to bring out the flavor: Kale with Raisins and Toasted Pine Nuts; Chinese Bok Choy, Shitake and Tofu; Garlic Escarole Soup with Rice. Carrots or red peppers can add color as well as flavor to a Broccoli Rabe Vegetable Pasta with yellow summer squash and freshly grated Parmesan or Romano is an exceptionally pretty and tasty dish. Interspersed are informational chapters on nutrition (most greens are high in vitamins, minerals and beta-carotene), the best cooking methods, and home gardening tips.
~ From Publishers Weekly

Reader Reviews

“Leafy green vegetables are so healthy for you, but trying to figure out how to cook them was a huge challenge for me! I even found that mainstream vegetarian cookbooks barely mentioned them! This book looks at each leafy green vegetable alphabetically and describes it, tells you what to look for when buying it, and gives between 5 and 10 recipes for cooking it. It covers everything from mustard, to kale, to chard, to chinese greens. I love this book! The recipes are easy and fast to prepare.”
~ Terry

“I have always loved vegetables but never had a clue as to how to make greens not only palatable but delicious. Every recipe is simple, easy and delicious. Who would have thought collard greens and dandelions taste this good…”
~ Loretta, Batavia, Illinois

“This year we finally bought a share in a local farm and now, each week, I have to deal with things like chard and kale and collard greens. This book saved us! Not only does it demystify these greens, it actually made us love them! Who knew my meat-loving husband would love kale! Who knew I would discover that I like chard and kale better than spinach! This book is already changing our diets and is a must-have if you do the whole CSA thing. I highly recommend getting a farm share and then buying this book – you will be healthier for it!”
~ E. Krumova

“This is the greatest cookbook I have ever owned (and I have a lot of them)!! I have tried many recipes and they are all delicious. I never knew how to use collard greens before nor did I enjoy them until I tried some of these recipes. I can’t wait to try all of the recipes. I also learned how to use Swiss chard for the first time in my life. It’s been fun and delicious. I highly recommend this cookbook.
– Love2Run9

“Absolutely fabulous and a must have for the conscious cook. There are NO boring greens! The recipes range from easy and simple to fancy and somewhat elaborate. Fun just to turn to page and cook the recipe. The book certainly widens my horizon about greens and what I can do with them. Love all the recipes I have cooked so far!”
~ Birgit Witherspoon

“I have been wanting to add greens to our family diet for years but needed help learning about the individual plants and how to cook them. This book is a good primer, teaching the reader about the general character of each of the most commonly available greens, what nutritional aspects they add to the diet, their flavor, texture, and how they combine with other foods to make a better meal. Importantly, the authors provide advice about the best (and worst) ways to cook each green. The recipes are simple and tasty.”
~ C. Martinez

“We belong to a csa, so we get fresh vegetables including greens weekly. This is one of my standard go to books when looking for inspiration or when I want to try something different with the weeks greens. Absolutely love this cookbook! Recipes are easy to follow, usually quite quick to make and yet very tasty. They are also generally flexible – lending themselves easily to substitutions based on our own dietary choices (vegetarian) and what other vegetables we have on hand.”
~ E. Fuller

“Every adult who comes to my house to eat likes the recipes I make from this book. I learned a great deal about selecting, storing, and cooking all kinds of leafy greens, wild and domestic, from this wonderful cookbook.”

“Glorious Greens is by far the best collection of substantive information on the fabulous range of greens available in the States. The information is presented in a thoughtful, easy to navigate manner, with loads of fast, delicious recipes for each green. As a holistic health consultant, this is the first book I give to all of my clients and particularly those who say they don’t know how to cook or have no time for cooking love this guide.”
~ Smartypantsbooks