Kale Granola

The combination of kale, oats, and nuts is crunchy and satisfying. Everyone likes to munch on this as a snack – it doesn’t even seem to last until breakfast to top yogurt, mix with fruit, or serve with milk. It’s easy to vary the nuts and the dried fruit with your favorites.

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Tropical Mango, Orange and Kale Smoothie

With a mango and two oranges, this smoothie is a light, bright way to start the day. Everything, including the kale, goes into the blender along with a few dates and a banana for fiber and sweetness. I’m happy to drink it all, but it makes enough if you want to share.

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The Happy Shake

The creation of raw foods nanny Stacy Stowers, The Happy Shake lives up to its name on several levels: it’s blender easy to make as a meal or snack; it’s packed with blueberries, spinach, raw chocolate powder and a few other ingredients to make you feel good and help you lose weight; and because you feel like you are eating smooth, creamy chocolate ice cream. It’s one of the best smoothie recipes around, in my opinion.

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Honey-Blueberry Spelt Crepes

Honey-blueberry Crepes

This is the perfect brunch dish, especially for blueberry fanatics like myself. Don’t worry about the technique of making crepes if you are new to it; you get the hang of it very quickly. Garnish with powdered sugar, shaken through a fine sieve.

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