Thai Chicken Salad with Pea Shoots and Peanut Dressing

Since the pea shoots are delicate, I usually pass the dressing at the table and let guests spoon over. Variations abound: noodles or grains such as quinoa for vegetarians or different market vegetables, such as asparagus, radishes, red peppers, spring onions, fresh mint or basil. Add a little spice to the dressing, if desired, with sriracha or sweet chili sauce.

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Pollo alla Cacciatora

I have been cooking and finding delicious recipes from The New American Cookbook by Joan Nathan since it came out in 2005. It’s one of my favorites. Nathan traveled the U.S. collecting regional and ethnic recipes to give an idea of the best of today’s American cooking and choosing her favorites to publish. “This recipe from Roberto Donna of Restaurant Calileo in Washington, D.C., is better than any other cacciatore I have ever tasted,” Nathan writes. I agree.

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