Apple Crostata

Rachel’s Apple Crostata

This is probably, hands-down, my favorite dessert recipe. Thank you Rachel Vaughn for teaching me to make the best rustic pies ever. It’s called a crostata, a single crust pie, topped with a simple crumble that keeps the apples from browning or burning. Everyone loves this recipe. It’s helpful if you make the topping ahead of time; the topping makes enough for 2 pies.

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Fresh Raspberry Cake

This is an easy, light, delicious cake to make when you pick or buy fresh raspberries. The light lemon flavor highlights the berries. I found it on the internet and would love to credit its maker.

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Milk Chocolate Yogurt Pots from new cookbook Yogurt Culture

Author Cheryl Sternman Rule’s recipe note:  On a visit to 31st Union, a bustling restaurant in San Mateo, California, my family and I ended our meal in the best way possible: with a rich chocolate panna cotta dusted with salty, spicy peanuts. In my version, I’ve omitted the spice and turned to yogurt instead of gelatin for body to create a lighter, more mousse-like dessert.

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