Thai Free

The combination of mint and cilantro adds zesty flavor to this simple non-alcoholic cocktail. To make the cucumber garnish, you can use a peeler or a sharp knife to cut a long, thin piece, then wrap it around the inside of the glass. It adds both visual interest and a flavor boost

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Vineyard Sunrise

This zero-proof cocktail features fresh ginger as well as fresh turmeric, a tuber similar to ginger with a bright orange color and exotic flavor. Both are grated and strained so that their flavors infuse the drink. You can often find fresh turmeric in the supermarket. Dried turmeric is not a good substitute here.

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Cherry Tonic

Lightly sweetened elderflower tonic water from Fever Tree is a nice tool for zero proof cocktails. You can usually find it in the supermarket or at liquor stores, like the MV Wine + Spirits at the airport. Elderflower is the ingredient found in St. Germain liqueur, a favorite in many regular cocktails. If you can’t find the elderflower tonic water, add regular soda water and 3/4 ounce of simple or honey syrup.

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Sweat Equity

Make this anytime, but especially when temperatures soar and you need the ultimate refreshing cocktail. Don’t be tempted to leave out the fresh cilantro – the herb combination of mint and cilantro with the cucumbers, lime and vodka makes this cocktail addictive.  This cocktail first appeared in an issue in Women’s Running magazine.

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Strawberry Mint Mojito

The key to this delicious mojito is sweet-tart taste of juicy strawberries and fresh squeezed lime juice rather than bottled. All you need is a muddler to make this refreshing, Vitamin C-packed cocktail. Between the strawberries and limes, you can load up not only on Vitamin A and C, but also Vitamins E and K (good for ), calcium, folate, potassium and B-vitamins. As an added bonus, the vitamin C in strawberries is needed to produce that happiness neurotransmitter seratonin.

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The Cherry Forsythe Design

To celebrate the launch of this new website on Feb. 21, 2015, the cocktail created was named after the ingredients on hand and the talented web designer, Kathy Forsythe. Most of the great photos on this site are thanks to photographer Alison Shaw. Unfortunately, she was not on hand to take this photo.

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The Paloma

It was difficult to choose a favorite cocktail from Booze Epoque’s tequila tasting class this past summer here at the West Tisbury Kitchen Lab. For fans of grapefruit, like myself, this one is bracing and delicious. The cocktail duo behind Booze Époque (link) offers tasting classes and cocktail specialty classes here and in the Boston area such as Creating A Signature Cocktail; Cocktails and Literature; and Basic Bartending Skills.

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