Chilled Watermelon Soup with Grilled Shrimp Skewer

Just a whirl in the blender of fresh watermelon with a hint of lime, and the soup is finished. The garnish is a Greek-based salsa of sorts with cucumber, olives, feta and fresh herbs. Try it on its own as a first course or brunch starter, or grill a skewer of lamb to accompany.

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Roasted Salmon + Pea Shoot Salad Platter

In this new yummy salad, roasted and cooled salmon is gently mixed with a platter of pea shoots, sliced cucumber, diced avocado, white beans and slivered red cabbage. The dressing is a simple lemon herb vinaigrette. The platter looks beautiful and makes the perfect lunch or dinner for company. Don’t miss making this one!

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Fish Tacos

This is a good recipe for a casual dinner party with friends. Toppings including fresh tomato salsa, crispy fish, warm tortillas are placed on the table for everyone to serve themselves. A pitcher of margaritas wouldn’t hurt.

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Roasted Salmon and Asparagus with Honey Mustard Sauce

The salmon and asparagus are roasted on the same sheet pan to make an easy weeknight meal or casual dinner with friends during asparagus season. Serve this with orzo dressed in a little butter and some of the leftover herbs, or boiled new potatoes.

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Mike Holtham’s Pan-roasted Fluke

Fluke, or Vineyard Sole as it sometimes called, is a delicious white fish found off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard. This is former State Road Restaurant chef Mike Holtham’s easy and favorite preparation for this springtime favorite. Read more about Mike and the Vineyard fluke fishery in Catherine’s article in the Martha’s Vineyard Magazine.

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Seared Salmon with Baby Greens and Mango Salsa Vinaigrette

By transforming a mango salsa into a vinaigrette, you have a both a dressing and a sauce for the fish and leafy greens. This sweet, spicy salsa vinaigrette will complement any chicken or fish dishes that favor mangoes and tomatoes, such as shrimp, halibut and swordfish.

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Honey Dijon Salmon Bites

Cutting the salmon into bite-size squares and baking them in their own soy, honey and lemon sauce cuts the cooking time to just 12 minutes and creates a fun presentation. To make the pieces look as uniform as possible, get a piece of salmon that’s not too thick or thin – aiming for about 1 inch thick. Ask fishmonger to skin the salmon for you.


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